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Our guest today was a kid in-and-out of trouble growing up in St. Louis. He had a decision, head to the Navy, or lets just say Johnny Law was coming.

Needless-to-say, he made the right decision, which resulted in a 47-year career as a Navy SEAL.

He was the last Vietnam SEAL on active duty, and he's still in the fight now that he's part of Saved in America (an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking).

He’s Master Chief Kirby Horrell, and we are honored to welcome him to PICK UP THE SIX Podcast.


This episode of PICK UP THE SIX Podcast is sponsored by our friends at One Nation Coffee, because they pick up your six-am. Their owner John Richards is the real-deal, we’re big fans of what they’re doing from the front lines to the front porch, they have your back with the highest quality coffee available, roasted to order in sizes that fit your life.

Veteran owned and operated, they’re all about making a great product and giving back through the One Nation Foundation, dedicated to Vets, first responders, and service men and women across our communities. Hit up their website ( and use the code PUT6 and save 10% off today.

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