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There is hope after trauma. Some of us can recall the exact moment our lives changed forever. The horrific accident. The miscarriage. The day they walked out. The moment our innocence was taken. Others of us can't remember a time when our lives weren't marked by trauma, abuse, or neglect. What happened to you was wrong and it hurt you, but it doesn't have to define you. You may be wounded, but you're not broken. You can overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future.

That’s the message from a new book by Evan and Jenny Owens.

We first met Evan on Episode 44 of PICK UP THE SIX Podcast as he introduced us to Reboot Recovery, and organization that has helped thousands of people overcome life’s trials.

Today, we’ve got the power couple on the show to talk about their new book, Healing What’s Hidden.

This is PICK UP THE SIX Podcast.

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